Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Justin.tv a Finalist in the Amazon Startup Challenge

I'm pleased to announce that Justin.tv was selected as 1 of 7 finalists in the Amazon Startup Challenge. From the Amazon press release:

"Justin.tv operates a massively scalable live video platform serving about 500,000 video streams per day. Their custom server software, Python Media Server, has been written from scratch to perform optimally on lightweight Amazon EC2 instances. The end result is that live video publishers have a free, easy to use, and completely scalable platform for hosting any type of live video broadcast."

We will pitch our business head to head with the other finalists for a shot at $100K in prizes and an investment offer from Amazon. The event will be held at Amazon headquarters in Seattle. Wish us luck!

Update: Amazon has posted more details about the finalists to their blog.


adamjackson said...

Awesome work guys! It truly is a great platform. The live video quality is top notch!

Corey Jackson said...

So this is free regardless of how many viewers you have simultaneously??

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